Hello mates, I am the Sociology Sceptic and yes I know that it is skeptic and not sceptic. I thought sceptic looked cooler so I changed it. HA HA!! Take that grammar Nazis. I kid, I kid (i am joking = I kid). So by now you can tell that I will be butchering the English language as I write these blogs. However you probably still do not know what this blog is even about. AHA so let me tell you straight. This is blog is to act as a final project for my sociology class, but I do plan to take it seriously. Just because this is a final project doesn’t mean I wont have fun with it and enjoy it. So here’s the deal. After each class I will be blogging about something current that concerns a certain topic that was taught that day. I hope the things I post are not too dry.

Lastly this is a introductory course and I have never taken a sociology class before, so please take it easy on me. okay ?

I welcome any criticism, I prefer constructive criticism, but I wont mind if you want to bash me for accidentally insulting something you like. Ill try to stay as impartial as possible. However I am a middle class white young male, so somethings wont be so vivid to my “privileged” eyes (joke; but I am a young white male).