Domestic Violence: The Prequel

Mysterious tittle, right? If you have been reading this blog then you know I am a white male. I have had no relationships in the past, so my opinions do not come from experience, but rather I would say they come from common sense and how I was raised. These opinions have grown and developed as I have been educated and recently I have come to see a pretty simple conclusion about domestic violence. The conclusion is; Do not do it! Do not tolerate it! It is bad and will most likely lead to someone’s death. In other words the sequel to domestic violence is DEATH!

Domestic violence includes any abuse (both physical and mental) that occurs in a family or household and can be directed at children, siblings, elders and significant partners. However, for the purpose of this blog entry, I will be mainly talking about domestic abuse with significant partners. While I also realize that this is an issue for same sex couples I will be focusing on heterosexual couples, but the ideas expressed should apply in a nearly similar fashion to all significant partnerships.

The forefront of domestic abuse is centered around heterosexual couples, more specifically around women. Sixty-Eight percent of murdered women died in some relation to domestic violence. When women accept domestic violence as a norm, they make it easier for their abuser to go a little step further each time until the result is death. Behavior like this should not be tolerated by women, it should be reported immediately and handled. Allowing such actions to continue only lead to the dehumanization of women, and thus it becomes easier to be violent with a non-human object and ultimately it makes it easier to attack an object with murderous intent. This article is an example of what can happen when someone stays silent for too long. A history of domestic violence can mortally end a family. It would have been better if the woman addressed the issue and broke up the family without the loss of any life.

I am making this sound like a woman issue but that is far from the truth. Men are often the ones enacting the abuse and men can even be on the receiving end of the abuse. This is a societal issue and should be addressed as such.
How do we address it as a societal issue?
Well I am not a sociologist, nor am I a professional in this field but we can start by doing a simple and pretty obvious thing.
Time to sound like a broken record, but these words hold true as a way society can help fix the problem that is domestic violence.
Stop abuse when you see it, whether it be a man abusing a woman or a woman abusing a man.

I have only been addressing the victim’s side of the issue. I did this not to engage in victim blaming but to make victims aware that there are only two ways in which abuse can end. Abuse can end when the victim stands up and breaks their silence by reporting it themselves or by alerting someone else to help them report it. This way abuse will have no sequel.If allowed to continue abuse will most likely end in a bloody sequel: murder. To end domestic violence one must not remain silent, whether it be a bystander or a victim. This victim put her career on the line to speak up against domestic violence in her life. She was a professional wrestler, and to admit that she was getting abused at home by her significant other would be to admit weakness in a career that does not tolerate it. However this was not the case, she received support from all her fellow female athletes. Speaking out against domestic violence is not an admittance to weakness, it is a display of the strength one possesses to stand up for themselves.  While there are many strong reasons victims do not report the abuse, no reason should be strong enough to justify risking a person’s life.


This time I will use…..
Symbolic Interactionalism.

The media has always used women as objects of attention. In the media’s view, the only marketability a woman has is her body. Women are always used as sex objects. When people see this on television or in ads repeatedly they see it as the norm. It is as if, subconsciously, women have become objects. They have become dehumanized little by little that they are considered as objects or at least as sub-human. When people think of them as sub human, abuse is easier to do. There is no guilt because women are objects after all. Women (the symbol) have become associated with nothing more than mere objects with no humanity and it rather easy to punch a pillow, kick a wall and shoot a cup than it is to punch, kick or shoot an actual person.


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