He’s Hot and Smart but She’s Just so Hot

Personally, I would never call a guy hot, unless I’m joking around. I wouldn’t want any of my mates to think wrongly of me. Don’t get me wrong, this discussion is not about masculinity, that is a long discussion for another day. This blog post is about a double standard that exists when we, as a society, talk about gender.

I won’t beat around the bush this time. I am going to say it straight. This is the article that I am going to be blogging about.I don’t even think I need to say anything, because I am sure after reading it, you will all see where I am going with this blog.

I am going to be using the word “model” as a general term here. I know the articles discusses times where the teacher was involved in pornography or prostitution but I will just leave all of that under the branch of the word “model.” I assure you that I am aware of the difference and do not believe that models are in the same business as porn stars or prostitutes.

Let us get right to it. Why can a man be a model and a teacher, while a woman cannot do the same. When a male teacher was known to also be a professional model he was nearly praised for being both. People saw him as sexy and smart, but when similar news was discovered about a female teacher she was shamed. How can a woman be sexy and smart? Doesn’t everyone know that women can only be born with a brain or a nice body? They can not have both, that would lead to ANARCHY!  People could not accept a model teaching their kids. As a female teacher, you have to abstain from anything that would make you sexy, for even posting pictures of yourself at the gym or in a body building contests could get you laid off.

There is no reason a woman should not be allowed to model and to continue being a teacher. Being a teacher does not mean giving up one’s life outside of work. I am sure that when I leave class or a lecture, my teachers leave and live their own life. They do not go into offline mode until they detect a student approaching their classes.

I do not see a problem with a female teacher expressing her sexuality outside of the class and within the boundaries of her personal life. We would be having a different discussion if either gender was expressing their sexuality within the class but that is not the case. If someone is thinking that being taught by a female teacher who was a model is going to “distract” male students from learning then that person has never been or hung out with a male student. It takes a lot more to distract a student who wants to learn than a “hot” teacher who is a model. Instead of it being a distraction, some students might even brag about it. “Yea my teacher is this gorgeous person, they are even a model. Yea I got a cool teacher.” The end. That is as far as being a model and teacher will make a difference for students. The double standard for genders needs to stop and it especially needs to stop in examples like these. There should be no double standard in the first place, especially in situations like these, where there exists no real reason for it.


This time I will use…..
Symbolic Interactionalism.

It was hard to fit a paradigm to this topic, because none of them really seem to fit. In this case, I decided to go with a weak connection this topic had to Symbolic Interactionalism. The media constantly depicts women as sexy and rarely as smart. However, when they do depict a woman as smart they do everything they can to suppress anything about them that might seem sexual. This makes people think of women as smart or sexy, but not as both. Most ideal men are shown as smart and good looking, which makes it okay for them to be smart and sexy. Since women have not been displayed in the same manner by the media, people cannot accept a woman as a smart and good looking person. If she does anything to sexualize herself, she must be a bit of a moron and therefore unfit to teach. The media uses women to symbolize sexuality and if a woman does not symbolize that sexuality, she is then depicted as smart. The media mainly uses women as objects of sexual desire. This would explain why only 9% of directors are female and why only 25% of the behind the scenes crew are comprised of women (including the role of director). Women are mainly involved on the camera and not behind it because they are mainly needed for their bodies, not their ability to be cameramen, directors and producers.  That kind of symbolism leads to a double standard for teachers in our society.


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