Is it Muslim-Americans or American-Muslims?

Before I get into this topic, I would just like to say this is coming from a European born white young male who moved to America in his early life and has lived in a Muslim community for most of that life. So I am, by no means, an expert on either side of this discussion, but I believe that being an American living in a Muslim community gives me a bit of experience to have a say in this hot topic.

I would also like to say that what I say in this post is, by no means, secluded to the Islamic belief and that other religions do suffer their own anti-religious troubles, but in this post I am just going to stay focused on Islam, hence the title.

So now that I can speak freely, hopefully without getting anyone mad let’s dive right into the topic.

In a word, the topic for today is Islamophobia. I believe this word is best described as an exaggerated irrational fear of Muslims. After all, phobia are by definition irrational fears of certain things. With the recent attacks on Paris, it is understandable that people would continually hate and fear Muslims. When a mass of people fear and hate something they are empowered by their numbers to rise against what troubles them. This results in an attack against Muslims wherever they are. People have been associating Muslims with bombs, violence and extremist behavior because of what they see on the news. As time passes and the attacks continue, this behavior only gets worse and more violent. This is what Islamophobia is, in both America and Europe.

Now let my try and drop some “Sceptic” common sense. If you see a black man on T.V. commit a crime do you go around thinking all black man are violent criminals? No, you use your wonderful sense of logic and realize one black man does not speak for all black men. I realize there are people who do get paranoid around black men; so let me throw my logic into another race’s ball park. If you see a white man abuse his wife, does that mean all white men abuse their wives? Well, I hope not because my future spouse would hate me. In other words, no. Again you will all use the beautiful gift of common sense and realize one white man does not speak for all white men. So logically, a conclusion we can make about Muslims is that…… (I hope you all know what I am going to say)

One Muslim does not speak for all Muslims. The actions on the few should not speak for all the representatives of a religion. The attacks, focused on random Muslims, should be focused on the radicals, not the commoners.

Now let me address my title which was inspired from this article.

They are American-Muslims. They are just as American as the next non-Muslim American. They reside in this country for numerous reasons, none of which involves “world domination”. Just because they do not enjoy certain things, such as alcohol, does not mean they need to stay sober to continue plotting the designs for their evil doom-inator machine. It is against their religion to drink alcohol, and to my surprise not many people know that. In the aforementioned article, a man opened fire and killed 3 American-Muslims over a parking dispute. Yup! You read that right. A man killed someone else over a PARKING dispute. If the people killed were just Americans, which they are,and not labelled as Muslims, this case would have been shut in a relative instant. There is absolutely no excuse for killing three people over a parking space. I might understand it if they de-floured his daughter (assuming he has one) because that could be a heat of passion thing. Let me just reinforce what I just said, I would understand it but I would not approve it. Murder is wrong whatever the reason is.

Islamophobia should be wrong as well. There is no reason to hate Muslims. Instead it should be “extremaphobia” (and yes I do have the power to create any word I want). Hate should be focused on extremest, not the participant of the same religion as the extremists. That is something I am confident all Americans can get behind, and yes that even includes American-Muslims because, believe it or not, they do not like the extremist of their religion either. Most Muslims have a peaceful understanding of their religion. Do not let radicals color the majority view of Islam. Do not let Islamophobia get out of hand to the degree where all Muslims would have to officially register as Muslims. The idea of registering all Muslims is an idea straight out of a comic book. More specifically from Marvel’s Civil War comic in which all superheroes were forced to officially register as superheroes. The person who opposed this idea was non other than Captain America. Even in the comic book, the ridiculous idea of registering specific American citizens, is ridiculed by the symbol of American ideals (Captain America). If the thought of using comic book ideas is not real enough for people to see how idiotic and Un-American registration is, allow me to pull an example from history. You all know where I am going with this; The Nazis in WWII forced the Jews to undergo a certain kind of registration only to eventually be lead to a horrific fate. Is that the same fate that America should be headed for? I would say no, I think one Holocaust is enough for our history books, I really do not feel like making future children learn about two Holocaust in history.


This time I will use…..
Symbolic Interactionalism.

Similarly to my last post the media consistently displays Muslims as radical. When open the T.V to a news channel you do not see the calm and normal speaking Muslims because that is boring. Not even I would want to watch that. Instead you always see the Muslims that are screaming at the top of their lungs about something, or you see them acting violently. The media often portrays all Muslims as the bad guys in a biased point of view. When this is all that people see and hear about Muslims, Islamophobia is bound to develop. the violence shown and associated with Muslims on T.V. leads people to associate any Muslim with violent and Anti-American activities.


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